4 Benefits of Combining a TV Bracket With a Set-Top Box

A set-top box is an information appliance device that was originally designed to contain a TV tuner input and displays an output which connects to a TV set as well as an external signal source. Functionally, it turns the source signal into content which can be displayed on TV.


They are used for a variety of inputs including cable TV, satellite TV, and over the air TV systems. Unfortunately, they are readily designed to work in combination with the TV bracket which means they must be supported separately. Not only is this unsightly but it is also lacking in functionality. They are a number of benefits to combining the design of a bracket with a set-top box.


One-Click Control


The first of benefit of combining a TV bracket, especially for a flat screen TV, with a set-top box is one click control. This is particularly true when it comes to turning the TV and box on and off. While many remotes are designed to operate both devices separately by utilizing a bracket which incorporates the box both systems can be operated simultaneously.


Eliminate Unsightly Cords


Another benefit of integrating a set-top box with a TV bracket is the elimination of unsightly cords. Traditionally, cable or satellite related cords would run to both the box and TV as well as between the box and TV. By attaching the box directly to the bracket all of these cords are visually eliminated. The only thing a viewer will see is the TV and display screen of the box. This is ideal for creating additional wall space as well as eliminating the risk of cords getting caught and damaged during the cleaning process.


Sturdier TV and Set-Top Box Support


An overlooked benefit of integrating a set-top box with a TV bracket is support. By combining both of these tools to gather the overall framework is significantly sturdier. Instead of having multiple brackets and stands for the TV and box, they can both rely on a single bracket. This ensures the bracket is secured to the wall and supporting beams behind the wall in an optimal manner rather than sharing the most secure space with multiple brackets and stands.


Eliminate Distractions While Watching TV


The final benefit of utilizing a TV bracket which can integrate a set-top box is the elimination of distractions. The overall view of the picture, TV screen, and background will be free of clutter which makes it easier to enjoy the viewing experience. This is particularly true in smaller spaces where any additional cords, clutter, or devices will naturally attract the eye away from the TV.


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